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FunSplash Sports Park is owned and managed by Teresa Jackson. What started as a family business has now become an exciting and thrilling venture for Teresa and her children.

After discovering the inflatable water park concept during a family vacation in 2017, FunSplash in the Binbrook Conservation Area — just outside of Hamilton, Ontario — opened in June of 2018. Teresa’s older daughters had so much fun at the Wibit water park that her entrepreneurial spirit went into overdrive, literally doing numbers in the sand while watching them from the beach! Such was born the idea of FunSplash! Needless to say, her kids were ecstatic!

In 2019, the Happy Splash expansion was added, specifically geared to smaller children aged 4-6.

Then, we all know what happened in the summer of 2020.

Fast forward to now, heading into its fifth season. Once again, Teresa and her FunSplash crew are honoured to host you, your family, and friends again this summer at the FunSplash and greatly appreciate your continued support!

Our Mission

The FunSplash mission remains the same: to provide exhilarating fun, while mentally and physically challenging all players in a friendly, family-focused, safe outdoor environment, promoting overall health and wellness.

Teresa feels that her staff are some of the very best lifeguards and that they care deeply about your safety, ensuring that you have a fun, relaxing and pleasant visit. The entire FunSplash crew strives to do its very best daily and recognize the trust you have put in them to watch over your family.

The FunSplash aims for an atmosphere where players become friends. Often, a game of Man Hunt will get started on the FunSplash and almost everyone — whether they know each other or not — soon joins in!

The entire team enjoys getting to know patrons and their families and they follow strict capacity limitations so that there isn’t an overcrowded experience for our players. That’s why, to help keep lineups to a minimum and not need to turn anyone away, Teresa recommends prebooking your tickets online right here on our website.

FunSplash is not affiliated with any other water park and is operated as a subsidiary of Dyl’s Waterpark Inc. The company has a lease in place with the local authorities to operate this water park.

See you at the FunSplash!

Teresa Jackson - FunSplash Sports Park
Teresa Jackson, FunSplash Owner


Safety is of utmost importance to all of us at the FunSplash. Our water park is built strictly with Wibit inflatable products which are all third-party tested. We have lifeguards stationed throughout the waterpark and all players are required to wear lifejackets. For us it is simple — we will only operate a waterpark where we would be comfortable letting our own children play.


We like to support charitable organizations, however we cannot donate to all the requests we receive. FunSplash offers a fantastic FUNdraiser program, however, and we would love to work together with your group to assist you in raising the funds you require.

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